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There’s a lot to consider when deciding if you want to add solar panels to your home. The benefits of going green are great, but it also costs a pretty penny and takes time to see results. But if you’re thinking about making the switch, here are some things you should know:

More People are Switching to Electric Vehicles Every Day

With more people switching to electric vehicles each day, EV charger stations are also popping up all over the world. The number of electric cars is growing at an incredible rate—but so far, the number of charging stations hasn’t kept up with that growth.

However, there is a simple solution to the lack of charging stations! In fact, it’s already happening: You can now find solar-powered EV chargers in many places around America and Europe (as well as other parts of the world). Even though some people may think that using solar power makes no sense because it doesn’t generate electricity instantly like coal or nuclear plants do, others believe this type of technology represents an opportunity not just for themselves but also for their community by creating jobs while helping reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

Electricity Itself is Not Necessarily Green

Electric vehicles are often touted as being carbon-neutral or even renewable, but this is only sometimes the case. The electricity that powers an EV comes from a fossil fuel source, usually coal, and it has to be transported for miles before it can be used by the car. This means that the electricity used by EVs is not carbon-free, and it needs to be generated in a cleaner way. 

Charging Stations are Being Installed Using Non-Renewable Resources

Did you know that many of the new public charging stations being installed are using energy produced by coal and natural gas? This defeats the purpose of an electric car, however. 

In addition to that, charging stations are often installed in areas with no renewable power available, so the cleanliness of the electricity being used is questionable. Some companies have started installing solar panels at their charging stations. Still, even more than this may be needed to offset the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by using fossil fuels.

You can help move away from these dirty fuels by making your own solar panels at home. By doing this, you’ll be able to generate clean electricity for your own needs and for sale back into the grid. This will reduce carbon emissions while also saving money on utility bills!

Use Home Solar Panels to Charge Your EV

One of the easiest ways to help lower your carbon footprint is by using electricity from your solar panels to power your EV, and you can install them right on your own roof!

In a world where we are increasingly reliant on dirty fossil fuels, this is a powerful example of how solar can help reduce our dependence on oil and gas. The sun provides free, clean energy that’s so easy to store and use—you don’t have to worry about paying for it later! And since it’s stored in batteries, there’s no need for expensive charging stations at night or during cloudy weather.

So, how do you get the energy from your solar panels into your electric vehicles? Well, you can use the Myenergi Zappi Car Charger to convert your solar energy into electricity for your EV! The Myenergi Zappi Car Charger was among the first EV chargers to use solar energy, made by a British company and it is still one of the most reliable!

There is also a new kid on the block when It comes to EV Chargers, Solax Power have finally released their long awaited EV charger, the X1-EVC-7.2K, which can also charge in ‘green mode’, where excess solar power is diverted into your EV, preventing you from getting a token sized payment from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), but saving you from paying the full price of electricity.

Things to Consider When Installing Solar at Home for Your EV

There are many considerations for installing solar at home for your EV. For example, you will need to decide what type of solar panel to use and how much power it will produce. You also need to consider how many panels you will need and where they can be placed in your home or yard. 

Finally, other factors may affect the solar panel cost, where they’ll be located on your property, and what kind of financing options exist for them (i.e., do banks offer loans for this type of project?).

Where to Get Reliable Solar Panels?

You should get a high-quality solar panel. This is one of the most important factors when choosing where to get your solar panels, as low-quality panels will not perform as well and may even fail sooner than expected.

You also need to consider how easy it will be for you or someone in your family to install the solar panel independently. If this is something that seems like too much work, then buying an already-installed unit at a store might be ideal. 

Additionally, when shopping around for these items, look into what types of warranties are offered by each company selling them. Hence, you know if they have any guarantees about their quality or longevity.

Trust Compare Renewables To Find Your Solar Panel Installer

Compare Renewables is a trusted provider of solar panels and other renewable energy solutions. With an experienced in-house team and affordable prices, we can help you reduce your electricity bills and protect against rising energy costs. Our team is highly skilled in finding the BEST solar companies out there!

Trust is a key factor when choosing an energy supplier and should be an important consideration when deciding whether or not to switch to solar energy. Trust is built on reputation, experience, and expertise. We’ve helped thousands of customers across the UK with their renewable energy needs. In fact, our customers tell us that they trust us because we’re easy to contact with no hard sell tactics and provide clear information about our products and services.

At Compare Renewables, we’re committed to helping you find the best renewable energy deal for your property. We want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for money and that your electricity supply is secure. 

With our dedicated team of experts and easy-to-use website, it couldn’t be easier to get started with us today!

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